Why do children love stories?

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It is true that children love stories. They love to hear about a hero or a villain, a giant or a dragon as long as it has a happy ending. Whatever the story might be about, the child is excited to have a parent, a grandparent or even an older sibling read a story to them.

Story reading bonds the reader to the listener and listener to the reader. Children love stories that can bring out courage and laughter, excitement and joy when sometimes there is sadness. A child not only listens to the story, they experience the story. In the imagination of a child they are the hero with all the courage to fight the dragon or beast and save the day. They can see in their mind as the story goes along what the characters in the book might look like. A child looks into their imagination as to what their hero's world would be like.

That is why children love a delightful story with a hero, because a child needs a hero in their life. Children love to hear how the hero saves the day, and they live happily ever after. An pleasant story is much more appealing to a small child than even most television programs. The child sits and listens to a story being read, they can imagine in their mind what is taking place as the story goes along. Even the busiest of children will sit and listen to an amusing story. A gripping ghost story, for example, will capture the attention of children of various age groups. Everyone likes a good scare now and then.

As in every story, the child wants to see what happens, to make sure that their favorite hero or heroine makes it through unscathed. A child loves the closeness of sitting on the bed or in a chair next to the reader. Knowing that if something pops out of the book at them, whom ever is reading the story will protect them. As they sit with their blankets pulled up under their chin, waiting to see what will happen next in the story. Excitement and suspense building up inside the child as the victim in the book gets nearer to the scary part of the story. Although the child may be scared at that very moment, they have to hear what happens to the victim in the book.

Children of all ages love a delightful story with the right combination of characters in it. Children love to hear about animals in their stories. Maybe they have never owned an animal, and it is their way of getting a closer look into the world of their favorite animal.

All children have a dream to become a certain someone or something in their life and through a book they can become anything. A bedtime story at night or a short story in the afternoon children will always love books. Through the minds and hearts of children, books will be apart of everyone's lives forever.

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