Are Toddlers Little Kids Or?

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The mystery of toddler behavior is something that is a real mystery to most. However, there are very real reasons for it, and these reasons are why toddlers do the strange things that they do at times. It doesn't matter if your little one is 18 months old or almost three. Young children between the ages of 0 and 3 years old are known for doing some very odd and unpredictable things that totally astound parents and others who are part of their every day world.

Are toddlers little kids or are they little people? Could it possibly be that they are a combination of both these things? Toddlers are very special in their own unique kind of ways that have the amazing ability to surprise one at the drop of a hat. Getting to know little people in all of their glory, as well as in their tantrums, will truly be a mind opening experience on the subject of tots in general. Please read on to learn more. You will be glad that you did.

Why is the behavior of toddlers known to be something notoriously erratic?

From the age of 0 to 3 years of age, young children are famous for experiencing what is known as being “the terrible twos.” What is “the terrible twos?” It is a mode of behavior that toddlers do seem to demonstrate. This mode of behavior can really get parents going emotionally on all fronts. This is because “the terrible twos”can go from being surprising to frustrating to being totally out of control. Little kids of this age range do exhibit behavior that is hard to describe and understand. However, it doesn't mean that it isn't normal, because toddlers are every inch attention getting and determined to get their way. Are toddlers little kids or? Little kids are little, yes, but they are very inquisitive, open to trying new things, and love to discover. These are adults traits. Therefore, they are little and big, if that makes any sense? It sort of does.

The truth is this: toddlers can indeed be a handful. The very same can be said about kids of other various ages as well. It is something that they go through. Toddlers can be opinionated, independent, and extremely willful. On the flipside of this, they can also be very cute, humorous, and extremely fun to be around. Toddlers also are creatures of many moods and they are slaves to them. They also have flawed reasoning and it's a state of mind. It is also something that says they have nothing better to do. Therefore, “the terrible twos” is partially true and partially false. Toddlers do get a bad reputation because of it. Nonetheless it is what it is, and that what it is does seem to define their behavior overall.

Are toddlers little kids or are they little people in disguise?

Toddlers aren't at all older than they are supposed to be. They are little people in disguise. What is meant by this little people definition is very clear. Toddlers are every inch curious and exploring little ones. They sort of think they are grownups though, which they obviously aren't, and this is where parents do need to set boundaries for them. They are little people in their little minds. These little minds are constantly testing the limits of their parents and just how far they can push them. He or she is also very attention getting and not afraid to do what they want to get what they want. Are toddlers little kids or? They are a combination of both. Small in age, yes, but very tall in adventure!

How can parents deal the most effectively with disciplining these little people/kids?

Parents need to get on the stick with any behavioral problems that are carried out by toddlers. Because control of these toddlers should always be that of the parents and not them. The best way that parents can deal with correcting out of control toddlers is clear. They need to employ the right form of discipline that does seem to work the best and has the most results. It doesn't matter if it is time-outs or positive reinforcement. Scolding doesn't work. It will only make the tot more unruly and hard to get along with. Parents want to enjoy their little ones and they don't want them miserable. Nonetheless, if they get out of hand, they do need to be disciplined promptly.

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