How to Buy the Best Children's Books?

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When looking for children's books, the most important thing to keep in mind is the age of the child. Books are something that grow with our children, but when it comes to younger ones, it is important to stay age-appropriate. Kids have different needs at different ages when it comes to reading. Kid's books come a dime a dozen and can be very difficult to choose which books are right for the kiddo you have in mind.

Things to remember when shopping....keep it simple, if you know your child likes a particular subject, your best bet is to stick with that. Kids do change their mind quite a bit, but from age 4-7 they are basically the same. They may build on an interest they established when they were 3, but the basics stay the same. You can introduce more things when he or she becomes older and are ready for a challenge. Another thing to remember is young children have short attention spans, if the book can't keep your attention, its most likely going to lose that of a 5 year old's much faster.

Bright colors, interesting pictures and poignant story lines are key. A great example of a classic children's books are Dr. Seuss' many mind-boggling tongue-twisting short stories. They are bright, colorful, interactive, fast paced and full of fun. What more could you ask for!

Reading is an important part of development for children, and will always be an important and vital part of the rest of their lives. You may not have thought of this before, but when you buy a child a book you are investing in their future and setting down developmental stepping stones that will help them walk through their journey of life. Children not only love reading, they love to be read to. The closeness and interaction children experience when we stop the hustle and bustle of our lives and sit down and read with them is priceless, they will remember that favorite book of theirs for the rest of their lives.

Books are a way for us to travel into unseen worlds, do the unthinkable, reach the unreachable and become more than we could ever fathom. These small experiences children embark on every time they read help them to grow and become the wonderful adult they will end up as. Now that the pressure is on, lets rehash the most important things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect book, age age age!

Never underestimate the "for ages---" tag located on the back of most books, it will be a sure way to keep your little one reading it over and over again. Fun, bright, fast paced, cool characters with minimal text is best when buying for the under 8 age group, and last but not least, STICK WITH WHAT THEY LOVE! There are a number of large bookstores that offer a wide selection of just about anything your kiddo could possibly be into. Happy hunting!!

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